Every time you pick up a cycling magazine, go to a cycling website, or browse through a cycling company's catalog, they blab about passion.  It seems odd to us: Why would you not have passion?  We launched Richmond Bicycle Studio in September of 2011 to create a better way to cultivate others' passion for cycling.  With over 10 years of formal education focused on cycling physiology and bio-mechanics, over 40 years of elite-level racing experience, and countless certifications/qualifications, bicycles have been a quest of obsession for us.  If you still need to hear about how passionate we are, come in, and let us listen to what you need, what you think, and why you [too] love bicycles.   From its inception to the present and beyond, every dollar earned by the Studio goes to funding the Richmond Cycling Corps, a youth-outreach program centered around cycling, a concept that is unique around the world.  If you wish to support RCC directly or from afar, please donate here.