The creator of the ride formerly known as the Globehopper

When someone has thier own Wikipedia entry you know they are a big deal, come to think of it maybe we should update the entry to paint an even better picture of just how bad ass Cam DiNunzio is.   

Cam DiNunzio is Richmond personified. Tough yet kind, creative and considerate.  He is an accomplished musician, a freelance composer, and an awesome dad.  His presence cannot be overlooked- no seriously- good luck trying to see over this guy. At 6’7 Cam’s is the wheel everyone is looking for on the road.

Cam single-handedly composed the Union Market ride (formerly known as the Globehopper).  This weekly group ride lends a competitive yet cooperative feel without stuffiness.  Cam has created a ride that based on our experience has the fewest complaints per mile of any group ride, and one that fulfills a needed niche.

From stage presence to community presence Cam is crushing it.  Even after touring the world as a professional musician and then working as a freelance composer for big name companies, Cam remains humble and surprisingly quiet about his worldly adventures.

Cam is currently rolling a set of Richmond Bicycle Studio custom built wheels to match his hard driving, carving and crushing style.  Wilson laced up a set of November Rail 52’s to a beautiful set of Chris King hubs, the result is a wheelset that is lighter than a set of Zipp 404s and strong enough for Cam’s hardcore riding style. Stop in the studio if you are in the market for a custom wheelset to fulfill your unique riding style or aesthetic.   

For those of you interested in joining on the Union Market ride check out the ride’s facebook page.  Cam’s quote from last week’s ride should sum up the rides atmosphere pretty well.  “We all took care of each other and no one was left behind. That's the kind of lovey-dovey hippie shit that this ride is all about. Thanks again, and see you next week!”

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