Tougher Than You

For all the women in Richmond who are looking for a new outlet for competitive energy: Lorene Davidson wants you to race and with Women's Multisports of Richmond! In part because she wants to encourage women to take part in endurance events, but partly because she wants to beat you. Okay, so in truth she cares a lot more about getting women to participate, but a little healthy competition never hurt.

Davidson is the founder of the Women’s Multisports of Richmond.  WMR was created to empower women by teaching new skills, promoting fitness, and fostering lasting relationships.  While there are other groups around that focus on just bikes, just running, triathlons, etc.,  WMR was created so that they could “write their own rules”.  Sticking to one style or sport just isn't enough for Lorene and her team; this group is participating in just about every variety of “Type 2 Fun”event that you can think of. These are events such as stair races, mud and obstacle races, running races, mountain bikes events, road rides – and that's just a few that are on the schedule for this month. These girls are tough!

 Type 2 fun is the variety of fun that may not seem it at the time, but yields lasting memories and a huge sense of accomplishment, which is what Lorene wants more women in the Richmond Metro area to be a part of. Though the events sound intimating, this group is not. Drawing new participants to build confidence and gain strength is the sole purpose of this group -- and Lorene’s passion.

Here at Richmond Bicycle Studio, we love the projects that combine function and form, personality and art, strength and beauty. We think Lorene’s fresh Richmond Bicycle Studio custom paint job does a great job of reflecting Lorene’s personality, while representing the colors of the WMR team.  

We highly recommend checking out the Women’s Multisports webpage and event calendar at  Lorene and the rest of the team would love to see more smiling faces at the events and on the podium.