Our bodies have adrenal glands that help produce different hormones that contribute to our immune system, blood pressure, blood sugar level, metabolism, and other important body functions. Normally we have two adrenal glands that are located above our kidneys. Still, there are rare cases where people are born with just one, which is called the absent adrenal gland, which is not to be confused with adrenal insufficiency where the gland is present but does not function properly.Adrenal Gland

Another way a person loses their adrenal gland is by undergoing adrenalectomy, which is the surgery to remove either one or both the adrenal glands if they have cancerous tumors. Adrenalectomy is important, and another important thing is phoenix AV Fistula grafts procedures that can help patients who suffer from kidney failure to clean waste from their blood. 

When Should You Get Your Glands Removed?

Patients who suffer from cancerous tumors are often recommended to undergo adrenalectomy to save their lives. Even though adrenal gland cancer is quite rare, they can occur in both adult and children and tend to be found in a child’s early life. Should you be diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on your adrenal glands, then it is best that you get admitted to a hospital that has the option to do an adrenalectomy. 

Most medical recommendation does not support benign tumor removal at first discovery. For a tumor to be classified as non-cancerous, its size would have to be measured to be less than five centimeters. The doctors will diagnose and monitor the tumor closely before proceeding with surgery, should it be deemed necessary. If doctors chose to undergo surgery, it means what you have is a cancerous tumor that’s over five centimeters in size and can spread to other locations if not removed. By undergoing an adrenal gland removal surgery, you can be spared from further pain and possible death.

Benefits of Getting Adrenal Gland Removal Surgery

Well, for starters, you get to live for much longer and without much internal pain. Here’s our list of adrenal gland removal surgery benefits:

  • Smaller Scars

Recovered Patient

Even with the advancement of modern medical technology, there can be scars left over from the surgery. The scar is usually matured after six months post-surgery, and you can expect them to stay as a reminder of your amazing survival and tenacity.

  • Reduced Pain

The surgery will require you to be put under general anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing, and by the time you wake up, it will be all over. With the help of medicine, you will have reduced pain after the surgery.

  • Fast Recovery Time

Your healing factor will play an important part for you to recover post-surgery quickly, but if you follow the doctor’s instructions like not taking a bath after the procedure, taking prescribed pain-killers, show up at the follow-up appointment, etc., you can expect those healing factors to work wonders and help you recover in no time.