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Calisthenics for Beginners – How to Start

The truth is that bodyweight training and calisthenics are a great way to achieve your fitness goals. In the beginning, it can be difficult to know how to go about it and where to start or even how to do it properly. You do not need to have past gymnastics or calisthenics experience to get started. Although it is a bit difficult at the start, you can make the journey successful if you are passionate about what you do. If you follow the right advice, you are bound to achieve a lot of amazing things. You can find the best calisthenics workout plan for beginners. These are top calisthenics tips for beginners.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

calisthenics womanIn the beginning, you will realize the rate of progression is quite huge, and it can even become addictive. Remember that you are exposing your brain and body to new stimulation and training environment. Also, you are learning a lot of things. It can be easy to get excited at this particular point and even start running before you can walk. That is a trap that most calisthenics beginners fall into. Therefore, there is a need to build your foundation first and play your game along so as to reduce the risk of injury.

Do Not Compete

Maybe your friends have made a lot of strides as far as calisthenics training is concerned. However, you should avoid competing or comparing yourself to others. As you know, every person starts his or her calisthenics journey at varying times. Past injuries and previous training history dictate your starting point. None is the same as you, you are unique, and your journey begins with you. Seeing others how great they are ought to serve as inspiration and motivation instead of competition.

Combine Strength and Movement

As you know, people who are great at calisthenics are quite strong. Thus, you may have a feeling that you are not strong enough. That may be the case, but you ought to remember calisthenics is more than strength. You should note that calisthenics means strength and beauty. Since beauty requires movement, having a good controlled range of motion can be of great help.

Use Your Body Weight

It is not a must that you lift heavy weights to build muscles. Remember that it is the resistance that your muscles get that helps it to build strength and grow. Moreover, it does not care about the source of that resistance and where it is coming from. Therefore, you can use rubber weights, bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and meta weights.…