Importance of Taking Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are important for proper health. It is advisable to take the right supplements to improve your health and well being. There are different types of supplements, depending on what you would like to achieve. Most of the dietary supplements are obtained from food products and manufactured into edible capsules or jellies.

You can find supplements in minerals, vitamins, and also amino acids.

Supplement Your Diet

supplementThe main reason why you need to take supplements is to supplement your diet. It is possible to get everything that you need from your diet. Your diet cannot be enough to cater for all your nutritional needs. In the summertime, it might not be very easy to get enough vitamin D since you do not have access to the sun.

At this time, you have to get your source of the vitamin by taking nutritional supplements. If you want to enhance your diet and make sure that you have everything that you need, the best way to go about it is to take supplements.

Food Allergies or Restrictive Diet

Some people are on a very restrictive diet or have food allergies. If you are on a restrictive diet, it might be tricky to stay healthy since you cannot eat everything. food allergies can also prevent you from eating some of the food sources.

If you cannot be able to eat all the food that you want, it is advisable to take supplements. Supplements can give you the nutrients that you are missing out due to allergies or a restrictive diet.

Lose Weight

supplementsIf you want to lose weight, it is advisable to consider taking some supplements. The trick to losing weight is to lower metabolism so that you can fasten your fat burning process.

You can fasten your fat burning by including supplements like coffee extract and Garcia cambogia to fasten metabolism. Once you keep your metabolism in check, you can be able to lose weight fast.

Solve Health Issues

Sometimes you do not need to take any medication. Taking supplements can help you to solve most of your health issues. For instance, if you have sleep issues like insomnia, the best supplement to take is magnesium. taking magnesium can help you to sleep better…

Diseases Caused By Nutritional Deficiencies

fruits for vitamins When you visit a nutritionist, he will advise you to eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet refers to a meal that has all the essential nutrients in it. The essential nutrients that the body needs include vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and some minerals like calcium and sodium.


When we lack any of the critical nutrients, then we are likely to suffer from some disease. Both the adults and children require proper nutrition if they are to be safe from the conditions that are caused by nutritional deficiency. This article highlights the various conditions that are caused by a lack of specific nutrients.


We need vitamin D in our body since it helps in the absorption of calcium in our bodies. Calcium is critical as it helps us in the development of healthy bones and teeth. This is why it is always recommended to bask in the sun especially early in the morning and late in the evening.

When we lack vitamin D, it means that our body will not be able to absorb the critical minerals like potassium and calcium which may cause rickets. Rickets is characterized by the bone deformities, knocked-legs, bowed-legs, and soft and weak bones. Other than the sunlight, the foods that are rich in vitamin D are liver, oil, fortified dairy products, and fish.


Iodine is a critical mineral that our body needs. When getting iodine when we eat food that has been cooked with iodinated salt. We need iodine in our bodies since it is vital for the normal cell metabolism. When we lack iodine in our diet, it means that our body will have a problem with the normal cell metabolism which will cause goiter.  Goiter leads to the enlargement of the thyroid glands thus resulting in weak growth and development and hypothyroidism.


Kwashiorkor is another disease that is caused because of the lack of specific nutrients. Kwashiorkor is caused when the body lacks protein and energy. This disease is common in the young children who are growing. Many parents usually give such children carbohydrates and forget to supplement their diet with proteins. Giving your children dairy products and fish will help you in fighting this nutritional disease.

Night Blindness

poor night vision Night blindness is a disease that is caused as a result of a lack of specific nutrients. Night blindness is also referred to as xerophthalmia.

It is caused by keratinization and dryness of the epithelial tissue, weak growth, and the chronic eye infection. Lack of vitamin A causes night blindness. Eating lots of carrots could help you in fighting this disease.